Seminars are one to two-hour lectures given by the CEO or Senior Executive Officer of MISNS on moral injury, leadership, self-care, personal growth, and other related subjects. These seminars can be given in a virtual environment or in-person. Previously given seminars include Empowering Post-Traumatic Growth in Morally Injured People at The Canadian Multifaith Federation 2023 Annual Conference, Exploring Moral Injury Among Service Members’ Partners- Preliminary Data at the 2022 Comprehensive Moral Injury Conference, Women Veterans and the Question of Moral Injury: Initial Results at the 2021 Comprehensive Moral Injury Conference, and Viewing Moral Injury Through the Lens of Empathy, Equity, and Diversity at the Building Capacity for Inclusive, Empathy-Centered Trauma-Informed Workplace Symposium.

Contact Jamie Peer, Senior Executive Officer at jpeer@misns.org to discuss how we can contribute to your next corporate meeting, conference or symposium.

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