Our Mission

MISNS’ purpose is to enhance the lives of women veterans worldwide suffering from Moral Injury. MISNS enables action, as supported by organizational belief, value, and purpose, through:

  • Conducting research, education, and training to ensure women veterans receive the best possible care
  • Providing spiritual care to women veterans suffering from Moral Injury
  • Building a team of highly skilled people who are dedicated to fulfilling our purpose
About Us | Moral Injury Support Network for ServiceWomen, Inc.

Our Team

Dr. Daniel L. Roberts | Moral Injury Support Network for ServiceWomen, Inc.

Dr. Daniel L. Roberts

President & CEO

Daniel possesses over 20 years of expertise in providing unparalleled emotional and spiritual support to armed forces personnel. As a distinguished mentor, he imparts invaluable wisdom to military, VA, and civilian chaplains, shaping their capabilities through conferences, instruction, and one-on-one coaching. His remarkable contributions extend to esteemed publications such as “Providing Chaplain Support to Morally Injured Servicewomen” (Allons-y Journal of Children, Peace and Security) and “Male Chaplains and Female Soldiers: Are There Gender and Denominational Differences in Military Pastoral Care?” (Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling). Holding a doctorate of management in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix, Daniel’s profound knowledge and passion for empowering others make him an exceptional asset.

Contacts: droberts@chaplainconsultants.com910-701-0306

Jamie Peer

Senior Executive Officer

Jamie Peer, a successful Army leader for over 23 years, culminated her career as the Professor of Military Science at the University of Nebraska. Witnessing the power of human potential and experiencing moral injury, she focuses on preventing its effects on talent retention. As Jamie spent the majority of her career as a HR professional in the Army, Jamie is personally interested in how moral injury affects talent retention, and her goal is to help prevent or mitigate the effects moral injury before people decide to leave the military. With expertise in leadership and communication, Jamie has coached over 200 professionals and volunteered with the Nebraska National Guard and university cadets.

Contacts: jpeer@misns.org, 910-701-0306


Jamie Peer? | Moral Injury Support Network for ServiceWomen, Inc.
Andrea Eubanks | Moral Injury Support Network for ServiceWomen, Inc.

Andrea Eubanks

Director of Operations

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science from East Carolina University. She served in the Active Duty Army for nearly 12 years. For the duration of her service, she was assigned to various units on Unit Ministry and Religious Support Teams. Andrea deployed twice, once for a year in Afghanistan and once to the Balkans, and served an additional overseas tour in Germany. Both abroad and in the US, she provided spiritual and emotional support to her brothers and sisters in arms, including memorial ceremonies, crisis and suicide intervention training, and numerous morale and team building events. While helping others brought her great joy and fulfillment, she concurrently witnessed the devastating effects of casualties and moral injury in the ranks firsthand.

Contacts: aeubanks@chaplainconsultants.com, 910-701-0306

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