First Annual Fayetteville Veteran Prayer Breakfast

The first annual Fayetteville Veteran Prayer Breakfast occurred on March 18, 2023. It aimed to honor and pray for women veteran heroes. Participants gathered during the event to discuss challenges faced by women in the military, particularly focusing on moral injury. This term describes the profound impact experienced when a traumatic event or situation deeply shakes one’s core, violating their sense of right and wrong.

Initially, it was coined to explain the effect on a soldier’s soul due to combat or violations of military rules. Over time, it expanded to include the experiences of 6 in 10 servicewomen who encountered combat and military sexual trauma/assault while serving. Female veterans affected by moral injury may experience anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, and suicidal ideation. Chaplain Dr. Daniel Roberts, currently SGM Roberts at Fort Bragg, established the Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen (MISNS). It provides comprehensive support to women veterans, their families, and those currently serving. MISNS offers counseling through the Tubman Counseling Network, conducts research, and provides education on this critical topic.

2023 Prayer Breakfast | Moral Injury Support Network for ServiceWomen, Inc.

Hosted by Dr. Roberts, the group heard a message of hope delivered by Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Virginia Emery, Chief of Religious Support for the U.S. Army Reserve Command. Attending were Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Wes Balmer and Diana Blissett of the U.S. Army Reserve Command Chaplain Directorate, Dr. Elizabeth L’éclair of Mindset Coaching, and Bethany Cannon and Amanda Allen of Paul Mitchell the School Fayetteville. Chaplain Emery, Dr. L’éclair, Amanda Allen, and Diana Blissett are women veterans.

In the photo, left to right the people are these: Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Wes Balmer, U.S. Army Reserve; Amanda Allen, Paul Mitchell the School Fayetteville; Dr. Daniel L. Roberts, Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc.; Bethany Cannon, Paul Mitchell the School Fayetteville; Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Virginia Emery, U.S. Army Reserve; Dr. Liz L’Eclair, Mindset Coaching. Not pictured is Diana Blissett of the U.S. Army Reserve Command Chaplain Directorate.

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