2023 Nebraska Women Veteran Symposium

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Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Daniel Roberts, and Senior Executive Officer Jamie Peer, attended the Nebraska Women Veterans Symposium October 13-15, 2023, as presenters and exhibitors. Dr. Roberts and Jamie gave a presentation on MISNS.

The MISNS organization provides moral injury services to women veterans through four main lines of effort, which are a monthly Meet and Greet, the Annual Comprehensive Moral Injury Conference, the Research Network, and the Monthly Podcast.

Moral injury refers to the profound impact of traumatic events that shake individuals to their core, violating their sense of right and wrong. Such injury can result from committing acts that feel wrong, witnessing horrific events, or experiencing trauma inflicted upon oneself.

Dr. Roberts has provided over 20 years of emotional and spiritual support to armed forces personnel, particularly servicewomen, who have experienced moral injury through misogyny – including hazing, disrespect, and even rape – while serving their country. His commitment is ongoing and has expanded to researching and serving the families of servicewomen since they are collaterally impacted by this moral injury.

Jamie served as an Army leader and then a Professor of Military Science at the University of Nebraska. Her goal, both while serving and now as a part of MISNS, is empowerment, the prevention or mitigation of the effects of moral injury incurred as a soldier in military service.

To address the gaps in support and understanding, Dr. Roberts established a non-profit organization dedicated to continuously researching and educating care providers such as psychologists, social workers, public health practitioners, and military chaplains. This female veterans organization also offers free direct support through a network of female chaplains.

If you are a servicewoman who has experienced moral injury or know someone who has, or if you are interested in supporting the cause, reach out to Dr. Daniel Roberts and the Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. at the email address droberts@chaplainconsultants.com. To access chaplain support, or for further information, call 910-701-0306.10) 701-0306

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