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Chaplains provide pastoral support and counseling services within the limits of their training, education, and denominational mandates. Chaplains are available for consultation to assist in referrals for therapy and other supporting resources. Chaplains do not provide psychological therapy or counseling.

An Intake Specialist will respond to your request within 24 hours.

HTN does not provide emergency services. Our chaplains are available to provide support from a spiritual or religious perspective to those struggling to cope with their current situation, in need of advice, looking to reconnect with their faith, find new faith, or trying to interpret life through a spiritual lens. However, people in crisis and in need of immediate help should contact:

In the U.S.:

In Canada:

Please provide a range of times that you may be reached.
Select your current U.S. Timezone or the continent you are in if you are stationed overseas.
This information will only be shared with those who are directly involved in providing care.

The following fields are optional. They may help us locate the right chaplain for you but we cannot guarantee a chaplain matching your preferences is available. We will assign the best fit we can.

If you have worked with one of our chaplains before and would like to speak with her again, enter her name now. We cannot guarantee she will be available.


Your support is greatly appreciated

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