Chaplain Application

Opportunity to Serve

Ninety-five percent of military chaplains are men. Many military women do not feel comfortable seeking emotional and spiritual support from male chaplains. Servicewomen face unique challenges that only other women may understand.

The Harriet Tubman Network offers women chaplains the opportunity to serve and support military servicewomen and veterans who do not have access to a chaplain that they trust.

HTN chaplains serve as volunteers and do not charge fees for their services. They must be able to respond to a request for support within 48 hours from the time a woman veteran contacts the network.


Chaplains who serve in the Harriet Tubman Network must:

  1. self-identify as a woman, 
  2. possess a Master of Divinity or Theology degree, and 
  3. have at least 2 years of full or part-time experience in providing pastoral counseling. Qualifying experience may include chaplaincy, pastoral work, and other spiritual/religious counseling settings. 

These three requirements are not waiverable. 

Benefits of Network Membership

We provide the following benefits to all of our chaplains:

  • Liability insurance through the American Professional Agency.
  • Annual training to sharpen skills and learn about the latest research and information on moral injury.
  • Ministry experience that could enhance chaplains’ full-time careers.


To apply, complete the form below. The Director will notify you if your application meets the requirements and if you have been selected to serve in the network. Once selected, we will schedule you for training and ask you to pay the subscription fee, which will cover your insurance and training for a year. Email Dr. Daniel Roberts with any questions at droberts@chaplainconsultants.com or call 910-701-0306.

Information Required for Application

The following information is required and will be considered for your application as a chaplain in the Tubman Chaplain Network.

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