Lyceum at
Wingate University

Healers, Episode 1:
Repairing Self-Esteem

Interview about Moral Injury and MISNS' Support to Servicewomen

Start Healing from Moral Injury: Dr. Roberts as a guest on this podcast with Sybil Cummin

Introducing MISNS and Our New Podcast Series

In this podcast, Dr. Dan Roberts, Jamie Peer, and Mantay Toure will describe moral injury and many context in which it manifests, discuss Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen Inc.’s mission, and talk about MISNS’ long-term goals of helping millions of women veterans suffering from moral injury. 

Unraveling Moral Injury: A Special Episode for World Mental Health Day

Are you ready to unravel the depths of moral injury? Join us as we delve into this profound topic with our esteemed guest Dr Amanda Yeck. Together we’ll explore a realm of suffering that affects us biologically, psychosocially, and spiritually. We’ll take a leap into the comparison of moral injury and PTSD, unmasking the unique characteristics and challenges of each.

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